Sunday, June 7, 2015

Blue Is The Warmest Color

Head to Malibu.
Grab lunch at the end of the pier, and enjoy the view.

Malibu Farm
23000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Instant Gratification Generation: A Non Love Letter

I spend a lot of time looking out car windows, and applying unnecessary filters on photos to make them look better. But maybe that's a problem and not a solution, you can't change something with just images, or live in the mere mirage of life. And you may be wondering what all this 'try hard poetic' talk is, so I'll tell you; I'm sick of this instant gratification generation. 

As a so called specimen of the millennial generation I'm expected to live in a world where emotions aren't really allowed, they're just used as a vehicle for social media posts and sappy indie films. I'm supposed to love hook up culture and shun the idea of real relationships. But what if I don't actually feel that way? Even more shockingly, what if I don't want the Tinder lifestyle that I'm supposed to yearn for in my college years. Yes I said it, I want something more.

I guess its old fashioned now to not dream about seeing multiple people at once, or to want to experience that shocking four letter word known as love. And I haven't ever been in love, I don't know what if feels like. But I don't understand why you wouldn't. Sure commitment is scary because rejection painfully hurts, but isn't it worth the risk?

What I'm trying to say is that to me romance is dead in 2015 and that's a scary place for the future. No we don't need to go back to the 1950's ways with mandatory courting and no sex before marriage, but maybe we should consider how we want future generations to act. Do we act how we do now because its what we want, or because society has taught us. If the internet and your peers weren't there to influence you would you have the same thoughts and emotions?

Tell me how you feel.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Why You Should Care About Acid Even if You're Straight Edge

Let me start out this post by saying I've never done psychedelic drugs. And no, other than the obvious legal repercussions on the substances, I don't have anything personally against them, or anyone who uses them. Quite contrary, I find the idea of changing your environment while remaining physically stagnant to be intriguing (hence why I've watched a variety of films such as Enter the Void, and enjoy wasting late night hours with Vice YouTube docs on Mexican magic mushrooms). The reason I personally don't plan on doing lsd, shrooms, DMT, or any other new creation that may be circling the inner cities of America and the jungles of South America is because it scares me. I don't think I could watch what I know mold and evolve into visions unknown to me prior without feeling a loss of control. But then again this post isn't about me.

A$AP Rocky released his music video for  the new track LSD (Love, $ex, Dreams) last week with no fore warning. Featuring a wonderful mixture of computer aided scenery, vivid colors, and sharp styling, the video is certain to become a contender for best release of 2015. And although I have no credit to my name of being a trend forecaster yet (other than having completed a chunk of my degree at FIDM) I believe this video (and Rocky's upcoming albums ALLA's) general focus on psychedelic drugs to have a big impact on the fashion industry. Expect intense patterning and punchy color combinations to make their way to the trend setters of the street style world, and later on in your never-ending Instagram feed.

And not only do I believe this trend will impact what we'll be wearing in the months to come, I would even go as far as to say this could have a major  impact on the rap industry by making more experimental music reach the mainstream hip hop charts. Although artists such as Chance the Rapper, Makonnen, and of course Kid Cudi have spoken of psychedelic usage, and the likes of Kevin Abstract have made practically completely new sub genres of rap, none of these things have yet truly been noticed by the general public who only listens to the Top 20 Trap Queen and Drake singles.

To sum it up:
The Future is Intriguing and Acid is Back.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Black Noise

I could fill this post up with writing of my so called inspiration for this look. But really its quite simple; black is easy. Choose a color scheme and its effortless to create a bold look that appears like you spent a considerable time putting it together, when in reality you just grabbed a random assortment from your closet. Though of course it helps when your best friend does amazing makeup and you can also borrow her jewelry (isn't this choker sassy?). But nonetheless, all black is easy, effortless, and can maybe be one part of your life that isn't complicated.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Get Schooled

Bring back twinning.
Double the style means double the fun, and double the trouble.
So throw on that pleated skirt with your varsity jacket and form a girl gang.

Meet us in the library.

Shoes (left): Aldo, (right): Bamboo

Jacket (left): H&M Mens, Crop top (left): Top Shop

Skirt (left): American Apparel, Crop top (left): H&M

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Parental Advisory: Graphic Content

I've been a fan of printed clothing for quite a while now, a recent iPhoto search on my laptop even revealed a saved photo of A$AP Rocky in a "Guilty Parties" jacket in my archives. There's just something about blatant statements on clothing that I find refreshing. This "trend" appeals to me because in a way its un-mistakenly a youth driven concept. Sure, generations before us rocked band tee shirts and logos, but they didn't sport words and phrases without symbolic representation. With the rise in popularity of Tumblr, and the likes of Yik Yak, splaying you feelings out to the world is the ideology of this era, so why wouldn't we take it a step further and wear it?

I recently discovered (through the magic that is Tumblr of course) a soon to be released jacket by Alex Ordonez. A simple cardigan in silhouette, the phrase "Everything is Confusing At This Point" is boldly printed in white on the black of the piece.  What draws me to this item specifically is the truth of it. Yes, everything is confusing at the point; growing up is a difficult manner to grasp and so is personal style (so you might catch me in this jacket in a few days or weeks).


But there is of course a drawback to the "personalization" of clothing items, this being the somewhat ridiculous markup percent (can you tell I go to FIDM?). Of course these items are not worth the high prices, but because of whoever made them, or the hype, they now cost almost the same as designer creations. This gives us the option of taking the DIY route. Grabbing a denim or varsity jacket at a thrift store and some materials at say Michael's is a much cheaper alternative than scouring online or hitting the streetwear shops. And well, the possibilities for design are of course endless.

But whatever you decide, Warning: Graphic Style Content.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Up All Day and Night

Hat: Obey

Platforms: Dirty Laundry

Jeans: Vibrant M I U, Jacket: Joyrich

Ripped knees & t-shirts are the uniform of youth for the weekend. It's even better if the t-shirt has a bluntly stated Urban Dictionary vibe to it courtesy of some very cool Los Angeles designers (who you might have even seen in my last post getting tattooed).

Hey, its not bad to be young, and young at heart is even better.