Saturday, October 25, 2014

No Flex Zone

Pants: willow & clay
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Shoes: Dirty Laundry
Fashion District rooftop
Boss Lady gets the perfect shoe selfie.
Peplum top: H&M
So many beautiful places in this city.

Yes. Your home girl is in fact wearing white. Might it be the heat getting to my head? Regardless of the reason, I am indeed attempting to add some lighter colors to my dressing. This is what I wore yesterday for my first day interning at style smith, and although it was not originally what I was planning on putting on my body (due to a stain on my emerald skirt) I think it turned out rather fresh. Not Fresh Prince of Bell-Air fresh though, but rather clean and peppy looking. I think I might also be getting a slight tan which is rather exciting considering I'm used to being a glowing Finnish orb of paleness. Oh the magical qualities of California.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

South Central Love- Dom Kennedy

Caught in the act by Bianca.
Tie dye in the foliage

Thrift shops contain must haves you didn't know you needed.

And Bianca records the action again.

Cheesy as it might be palm trees really do look pretty lovely in the evening sun.

Spent the post school afternoon at one of my new (and way cooler than me) friends Bianca and Ashlin's apartment near USC. We were originally planning to go to The Grove for the farmers market, but ended up just chilling nearby. This included finding a few gems at the local Goodwill (1960's mushroom pot and Playboy mug were mine for under 5 dollars) and then eating some butter appreciating pastries at Spudnuts Donuts (well maybe I ate an entire croissant and cronut by myself). Chance the Rapper and some electronic remixes also sounded quite perfect with tea in hand later on on the apartment stereo. All I can say is that music remains one of my strongest loves regardless of where I'm situated; good company isn't too bad either.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hollywood Infected Your Brain

What's pink and adorable and fluffy? A dyed miniature poodle yes! But sadly that's the wrong answer in this case so save that for a later Family Feud round.

In this case its my purse. In all its 90's glory I bought this bad boy on Melrose about a week back and I absolutely love it. Took it out for a spin this weekend at a friends birthday at a club in Hollywood and its just one of those pieces that makes you smile. Ridiculous enough to get a few prolonged glances, yet still very usable and roomy.

Decided to add to its throwback appeal by pairing it with a gold, ribbed, mini dress I got from Red Light in Seattle and a choker necklace. Pretty much I was Cher Horowitz meets Romy and Michele's High School Reunion all while dancing to Drake and twerking to Nicki.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Where are we going from here?

A love letter to real tacos and palm trees. A parental speech of disappointment for waking up to smoggy mornings and less than ideal tap water.

I've been here for a few weeks now and I still don't really believe that I live in Los Angeles. Its that kind of feeling you get when you're deep into an eerily realistic dream. You know it could all be happening, or it could just as easily disappear at the slightest blink of an eye.

In this city the sunshine beams down at you, enveloping you in a nostalgic haze of warmth and rays of bright light. The never ending landscape turns from tall office buildings housing the busy worker bees of the financial industry, to abandoned store fronts left to become vast canvases in an instant. Though some might hate the major division the city has to offer, I think its all part of its elusive charm. This is a place filled to the rim with artificial wealth and relationships but take a second look and you'll find something much more human. 

Panaderia and taqueria shops line the streets just a few blocks from my school and I love how foreign it feels. Not foreign in the fact its not "American" or what I'm used to seeing in my daily life, but foreign in the fact that it hasn't been stripped of its authenticity for public consumerism. You can't compare a long lasting family tradition with something cooked in mass quantities in a cold stainless steel kitchen. I also love that I get to listen to Spanish when I'm walking down the street and because I took the time to learn it in high school I can actually comprehend it. 

Though LA is certainly not a perfect place, it's a reflection of society and I think becomes whatever you make it out to be. You could easily live in a mindless bubble and ignore what is out there, or you can take full advantage of a major location. Don't just sit on the couch staring at your screen because that won't be the thing you think about years later, get outside. Who knows what could happen? Undoubtedly usually its nothing extraordinarily special, but isn't it worth the chance it might be something spectacular that one time? 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cray Cray

Today's outfit in the City of Angels, also, my nails keep getting progressively more hood as the days go on.

The gold decorations on my (fake) Timbs perfectly describe the last few weeks. I have been ridiculously busy going to school and adjusting to living in a new city,  as well as helping out at LA Fashion Week. When I say I've plopped into bed at midnight exhausted multiple days in a row it's not an over exaggeration. But although hours of scurrying around has made me less prone to sudden dance outbursts, I have undoubtedly been incredibly lucky in meeting loads of interesting and creative new individuals!

I even had a bit of a modeling session at a show this weekend when a designer didn't have enough girls for an installation and someone suggested I help out. What followed was an unexpected round of posing in front of a multitude of cool (and not bad looking might I add) guests...

View from the CONCEPT show makeup chair

4th from the left attempting to look casual,  picture source

Last weekend I also headed to the Fools Gold Day Off show near USC with one of my roommates Emily, where we got to bask in the California sun, count the amount of bucket hats, and bob our heads to some good music. *Big Sean also made a surprise appearance on stage and didn't look half bad*

Overall I've had a great time so far even though I haven't had much time to relax and I can only wait and see what craziness happens next, in the meantime I will just keep lurking downtown until I spot Iggy and her b-ball bae (who supposedly inhabit the area).

Friday, October 10, 2014

These Are The Days

Crop Top: Seven, Hat: Stussy

These are the days. A simple statement on a sidewalk, but really a very powerful idea. These are the days in a sense means that you really should be living in the now. We often focus on the past or what we're going to do in the future, but what about today? What about just enjoying the normal benefits of being alive?

But anyways today I went on a afternoon trip to Melrose with one of my roommates Emily, which of course happens to be through infamous Hollywood. Did a little bit of shopping and snapped a few pictures from inside of Luxury Jones, which in my opinion is one of the best shops in the area...

As far as what has been happening here in Los Angeles this week, I started school on Wednesday at FIDM, volunteered at LA Fashion Week plus the Uniqlo opening party, and had a job interview for Nasty Gal on Thursday. Overall it has been (very) busy and I don't even know what craziness will happen next week! So far I'm volunteering again on Saturday and Monday with my roommates so we'll see how that goes. In the meantime if you live in the LA area please let me know the best food and entertainment spots for me to check out because the hidden gems are often my favorite.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Out of this World.

What's really out of this world is this apartment. Living in a place with a rooftop pool and beautiful facilities really isn't very realistic of college life. But I will just enjoy it while I can, before I'm forced to move to South Central or Culver City for cheaper rent. 

Got adorable alien socks this weekend when I finally reunited with one of my best friends Kyler and went to to Universal Studios to watch Annabelle (don't worry I bough taco stand socks as well that you will see on the blog soon). Hopefully we will also have enough time in the near future to update our YouTube channel! In the meantime school starts tomorrow and I have more Fashion Week volunteering and a job interview Thursday...