Monday, September 29, 2014

Loverly Wedding Challenge

I love a good challenge, whether its writing about a certain topic or styling for a specific person. When I got contacted by wedding website Loverly a while back to put together a compilation of sorts for this blog I thought why not! Out of the three venues for a wedding I chose the "City Glam" location. No more reason for this picking than the fact that I absolutely love an urban setting and nothing sounds more chic than a metropolitan evening soiree.

Although I have absolutely no plans for getting married in the near future (I am just now moving out of the house after all) I can certainly imagine planning what to wear and how to decorate for one. As you probably know by now, I do enjoy parties and festive events in general! Below you will find what I might wear to a City Glam wedding...maybe just maybe it'll give you some ideas:

Dress: Clara 1920's Inspired Bridal Gown, Head Piece: Rhinestone Cloche Cap Head Chain, Shoe: Frennzy Stiletto
The reason I picked this vintage inspired gown was because of it's perfect mix of sexy and sleek. The cutout in the front of the gown looks modern, but the lace inserts and collar keep it classy.

$1,394.46 at Rowanjoy

The headpiece is also an unexpected touch, playing up the trend of body chains and head chains that has recently emerged.

Price upon request at Erica Koesler
Runway inspiration
And finally, we must not forget shoes! As the old saying goes, "something blue" is necessary for the wedding look. I decided to make the blue stand out as the main factor making this outfit more city appropriate. Try colored heels for head turning statement pieces that will surprise your guests as you reveal them to dance! 

                                           $129.95 at Nordstrom

All in  all I can just say you don't have to completely change your style for any major life occasion. If frilly and over the top girly isn't your kind of look, go for an understated chic vibe. If you feel confident then you've done a great job!

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Crop Top & Vest: Forever 21, Pants: Zara, Sneaker Wedges: DSW

We could all take a confidence lesson from Kanye. 
This outfit reminds me a little bit of the self proclaimed rap god with my choice of the oversized lumberjack flannel and (faux) fur. Adding the cheeky nature of the OG Doll top gives it that added kick of "don't mess with me" attitude, which I say is always very appropriate on a Friday night.
I also happened to get some fancy acrylics last night making me very prepared for the LAnd of the Snakes. Watch out I have claws.

Just be aware you'll probably never stop seeing flannels.

A man who knows how to rock a furry coat is fine by me.

Friday, September 26, 2014

It's a Vlog Eat Blog World

Last year during the very exciting (note the sarcasm) Walking and Yoga class I decided with one of my favorite people Kyler to make a YouTube channel in the summer. As we blabbered on and annoyed the rest of the class we decided to name it Monday Morning's. What followed was a series of videos ranging from smoothie challenges, to twerking, to life advice. As Kyler drove with his family to LA before me, there has been a hiatus in film making. However, as I am moving next Wednesday to the sunshine state (and acquired a camera with video capabilities last night) I decided I will also be adding some live action elements to this blog...

Keep checking this page to see if I've created any new videos and be sure to watch Kyler & I's channel, below are a few examples:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Lets Take A Trip

Museums are somewhat nostalgic, you wander (often for hours) peering at objects and reading relics from the past. Truly a magnificent feat for the modern age, where attention spans have shortened to mere seconds and the less human something is the better. Combine this old fashioned entertainment with the undeniable power of music, and you have quite the place. Upon visiting the EMP museum for the first time last week I can certainly day it caught my attention. From the whimsical, rainbow bright architecture, to the very personal handwritten letters of icons such as Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix, this is a place that sparks your imagination. So lets take a trip.

Scream booth.

New dress from Vancouver fit in here very well.
You know where this is from.

Vibing with Jimi
This magazine was perfect

The "Sky Church"
You could peer into the little holes which featured an assortment of music videos, including Tyler the Creator's "Yonkers"

Got Milk?

Friday, September 19, 2014

VFW Day 1: Behind the Scenes

Fashion Week is perfect people watching. Having to spend the entire day in a contained area means you end up spotting everyone who walks in, and since I love seeing what everyone is wearing, this worked to my advantage. So even though I almost melted from waiting outside in the sun and my stomach was rumbling by showtime, it was perfectly fine because I fan-girled over the fabulous outfits and interesting personalities present.
Mary Ziba of The Real Housewife's of Vancouver who showed her collection of activewear 
Ariana Grande inspired hairstyles

Loved this makeup artists style on the left

Models getting touched up

Chic sequins

To start out the day I attended a fitting starting at 10 am which was quite honestly just sitting outside with all the models for multiple hours and then actually trying on clothes for only about one hour total. This was proceeded by a few walk throughs to practice for the runway and then a bit of waiting until hair and makeup.
Makeup (sponsored by Covergirl)

Papers with the different makeup looks for each designer

Work in progress

The designers I ended up walking for were Nyoluoch and Dawson & Deveraux, the first look being a colorful retro style dress and hat made with fabric from Africa, and the second dress being a Chanel esque tweed number.

Runway schedule of the day

Dress by Nyoluoch

Dress by Dawson & Deveraux

Overall another fashion filled day and something I hope I get to experience again in the future. Maybe in Los Angeles?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vancouver Fashion Week: Opening Gala

Two loves of my life are traveling and fashion. This week I got the fabulous opportunity to pair the two together by attending Vancouver Fashion Week. On Monday (after 3 hours of sleep post Drake and Lil Wayne) I took the 7:20 AM train to Canada and arrived in Vancouver at about 11:30.  After checking into my cheap hotel and frantically stuffing a vegetarian crepe into my very hungry self, I headed to the fitting for the opening gala of this fashion event. Although I was originally supposed to walk in OLYA's show, which didn't end up happening, I still ended up finding  a designer who needed a model so disaster was avoided!

Different sizes of shoes for the models
Loved the sheer detailing on my dress!

Before the complete jumble of people...
After my fitting with Mode Laboratory  I had a little bit of time to meander before hair and makeup and so I decided to head to Starbucks to get some coffee (and wifi). While on my way to get this caffeine I was stopped by   who wanted a snap of my outfit. Seeing as I'm obsessed with street style blogs I was quite happy to have been spotted for my own personal style! So stay on the lookout for that on his blog.

A view inside the backstage magic.

When I got back to the tents for the hair and makeup section of the evening I can tell you the atmosphere was very very busy inside. I'm not sure if I should call it organized chaos or just chaos, but there were definitely a huge amount of people rushing in and out, each with their own business in mind. But since I had only one look to worry about I only had to focus on staying with my designer and making sure we were in the correct spot for the show. As far as for the actual runway portion of the show I think I did a good enough job of walking and since there were no wardrobe malfunctions or falling I would have to count it as a success!

Overall I had a great time at the Opening Gala of VFW, and I loved seeing all the stylish people inside, each with their own personalized looks. Not to mention it was really interesting getting to see so many photographers and video camera crews in action...

Oh and the makeup look of the day ( aka post show i-phone shot)
Now stay tuned for Day 1 of the shows and a little bit of rambling about Vancouver in general. Oh and be sure to read my article on Shinya Yamaguchi's collection I wrote on TOOVIA:

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dogs Days of Summer

I have my last few weeks of summer left here in Washington before I head to Los Angeles for school on October 1st. Decided to take today "off" with my friend Eli and head to Redmond for a Skate Jam that her friend had put together. We then spent a couple of hours basking in the sun and looking in jealousy at those who had mastered control of both their bodies and minds at the same time. 

Tie dye in the sky.

Future heart breakers.

Girl power comes with a powder blue beehive.

Puppy love?

Northwest is best. Love this tattoo my friend has...

Check out who had a booth at the Skate Jam today!

Kids who are a thousand times cooler than me.