Sunday, March 22, 2015

Los Angeles Collections FW15: Day 2

The second day of the Los Angeles Collection's shows had a very varied range of styles, providing something for everyone and keeping us waiting to see whats next. Lets recap (keep in mind I could only attend the last three shows as I was stuck counting decimals in math class).

Vilorija showed a collection which was clearly influenced by looks of the past with a very nostalgic and feminine feel. Dresses anchored the collection, while shorts and even pants provided a more modern element. Although the collection had a few pieces (some of which are below) which I found more relatable to my personal preferences (such as the matching tops and shorts and long fitted maxis) the majority of the collection was something I couldn't see a huge portion of buyers wearing (although of course there is always a niche market). I would be interested in seeing these pieces styled differently just to see how they would be worn by say the fashion blogger crowd or just the everyday women in general.

This pattern was a fun twist.

Though I have to add I could see someone like Nicki Minaj rocking the printed pants or shorts on a casual day out if styled in a different manner!

Linden's presentation was something that I found to be a truly entertaining concept. With models undressing and dressing in different items from the collection right in front of viewers we got to see how the pieces could be worn in different combinations with ease. In general I find that presentations can provide more of an idea of the atmosphere of the designers line in comparison to  just runway shows. I also liked quite a few of the items in the collection such as the high waisted undergarments and paneled leggings. What do you think do, are presentations becoming more important than ever (the Kanye x Adidas collab certainly made the headlines)?

William Bradley
There's a moment when you see a show and immediately know its high caliber and has capabilities for huge success. Well, William Bradley's FW15 runway was definitely one of those great occasions. With sharp tailoring and eye catching details, the collection was chic, stylish, yet oh so wearable. The simple styling also assured the viewers that nothing extra was needed to distract from the clothing. Its safe to say I'm still lusting over the grey, suede dress and fur/leather vest that were shown.

Ps. Shoutout to for being a great seat companion! Hopefully we can work together in the future!
Seat selfie (not the greatest but nonetheless).

Monday, March 16, 2015

Baby Blue- Action Bronson ft. Chance The Rapper

Vintage shorts found in Vancouver.
T-Shirt by County of Pusha (purchased at Dope on Fairfax)

When you un-intentionally wear almost the same outfit it sort of reiterates your friendship. Denim shorts and white sneakers just so happened to be what we both picked out this morning in separate parts of the city, and that's a fun thing to discover when you meet up. I mean quite frankly I didn't have a specific look in my head when I put these things together in the morning, but I can say I was feeling a bit sassier than usual with my exponentially large hair (due to the fact that its about 90 degree in my un-air conditioned apartment currently), so over sized grandma shorts and a loose shirt it was.

Upon meeting Kyler in North Hollywood we then made a quick trip to the recently opened Tea Pop cafe for some deliciously refreshing drinks (honestly). I would certainly have to name this spot as a new favorite as the atmosphere and crowd is right on point (and the interior design is bright, fun, and modern). So if you're in the area this is where you should grab something to hydrate instead of your usual Starbucks.

  • 5050 Vineland Ave
    North Hollywood, CA 91601, 
    North Hollywood

Here's to more Sunday afternoon discoveries.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Los Angeles Collections FW15: Day 1

I quickly grabbed an Uber from my apartment post class this week to head to Maker City and managed to make it just in time to view the 3pm Stella Proseyn show (sweaty from speed walking of course). Lets just say LA still has it...

Stella Proseyn

Stella Proseyn's latest collection featured a neural palette with enough textural interest to keep it from getting too simplistic. With lots of leather and thicker fabrics done in both boxier silhouettes (dresses and tees), and more body hugging shapes (see the matching striped look above) the pieces could fit a multitude of style personas. A very well done collection in my opinion.


With a playlist of Drake for the models to walk to, the SAURI presentation only had a few outfits (and three models) for the audience to view, but these looks proved enough for the crowd to realize the talent of its designer. Although I wasn't extremely wowed by the collection I do think it had big potential, such as with the oversized hood and its general foray into a sporty vibe. I just wish there had been a larger amount of pieces to get a more comprehensive look into what feel the new collection is aiming for. The denim shirt and black cutout dress for example give off two very different signals and so I'm not sure what exactly to take away from the presentation.

Mila Hermanovski

Out of the three collections that I had time to view on Tuesday my favorite was definitely Mila Hermanowski. This mixture of leather paneling, long line tees, and sheer detailing managed to capture just the right combination of street wear and high fashion that has become such a prevalent part of the fashion world today. I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot more of Ms. Hermanovski in the near future, and if there's any way I can end the year with some of this in my possession I would be ecstatic.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some Days

A cashier at Target recognized Schoolboy owns this hat, small world.

You know this is my favorite necklace...

New addition to the apartment, a project I did for my Color & Design Theory class

Knee rips might be the new distressed.
Don't take me too seriously.

Some days are for bright, happy colors, some days are for dark clothes that might bluntly state, "Ok, I go to fashion school." But regardless of the palette, I like to mix up my looks to create my personal style. There are times when I feel like dressing a little more feminine in a shorter dress and heels, and others when there's nothing I'd rather do than cover my body in black leather and quickly walk down the street blasting Travis Scott.

The first look was just something I put together on a normal school day about a week ago (though a little brighter than usual for my painting class), but the look above is what I wore yesterday to go see the Los Angeles Collections runway shows for LA Fashion Week. Since I intern for Style Smith who organized the event, I got the lucky chance to get a glimpse of what some new designers are putting out to the world (a much better post class activity than usual). Because I managed to get some pictures and video I will be putting together a little review of tidbits of the two days that you should be on the look out for in the near future! I also have some creative ideas brewing in my head that I'll be working on during my upcoming spring break and will certainly post more to let you a little more into my head.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

All Money In: A Talk with Genuine Gem's Trina Monica

If you've been reading my blog for a little while now you might recall meeting one of my favorite Seattle women, Trina Monica, last year. Well, she's back and with a vengeance; since Genuine Gem is launching a new collection next week I decided to ask Trina a few questions about the future of the brand and what we can expect from the boss lady. Let's just say I'm excited.

A shot from

When is the new Genuine Gem collection launching?

The new Genuine Gem collection will be launching on March 20th.  I will also be launching my new website, where you will be able to see all the projects I’ve been working on, what’s on my mind, and a place where we can connect. 

What differentiates the new offerings from what you’ve done in the past, for example, will there still be a big focus on denim?

In every collection, I try to add something I’ve never done before.  I’m trying to expand my brand and get out of my comfort zone. First, Genuine Gem was strictly customized denim shorts, all handmade by me. After that, I added handmade jewelry by my friend, Reynalin Ignacio. Then, I fell in love with vintage swimwear, so I added those to my online shop. Lastly, I’m transitioning to adding more apparel, like crop tops, cropped hoodies, and hoodie dresses.

GG Seattle. Worldwide Crop Top $28.00
A preview of the collection launching March 20th. Shot by JK.

Is there anything or anyone in particular who you thought of when designing the apparel?

I get a lot of my inspiration from BeyoncĂ©. I listen to her daily.  When I’m in a bad mood, I like to watch her visuals and listen to her interviews. Usually when I put mood boards together, she’s probably the first person I research. I really do love Bey…one day I’m going to put a pair of Gems on her. 

(I loved the “Grab her booty, when she’s moody” lighter that you put out), what inspired you to create something so unexpected and frankly pretty funny like that? Do you think you’ll do more non-clothing/accessories items again?

Haha thank you!  Im definitely working on more accessories for Genuine Gem. You know… to be completely honest, it was pretty random. It all happened organically. I kept going back and fourth with my friend Light, who helped me put it together. I thought about it over and over if people would like it and I was just like “I don’t care, I love it, and I’m gonna do it.” I mean, grab her booty when she’s moody…am I wrong?

Lighter $5.00

You also do event planning and styling, do you strive to be a general  entrepreneur of multiple things, or do you have one activity that you’re most passionate about?

I love doing a little bit of everything, I love to stay busy, it’s what keeps me going. I pretty much handle everything related Genuine Gem on my own.  So I don’t really have one activity I’m most passionate about because I love doing it all- styling, creative direction, event planning, marketing/promotion- it’s all a process.  It’s not easy, but someone has to get it done. 

Outside of Genuine Gem I also throw events with a few friends of mine called, PLZCOMEAGAIN. We will be throwing an event at least once a month starting this spring. 

Even though Seattle is quickly rising as a mecca for young talent, do you have any plans of moving to a major city like LA or New York, or are you planning to make the most of a smaller market locally at first?

Im comfortable where Im at today. Ive been to LA & NY more than once and I fell in love with experience- everyone hustles hard and theyre two major cities where a lot of people want to live. Im still learning and growing, but still have a lot to figure out.  Im in no rush to leave home because Im still trying to perfect my craft.  I know everything will happen when its suppose to, but for now Im still working on leaving my mark here in Seattle.

Hanging in Santa Monica a few months ago.

What are you hoping to achieve both for the brand and yourself in the near future? Is there anyone you would absolutely love to work with?

As of right now, Im working on my business plan to open my own womens boutique. Something I hope to accomplish in the future is being able to quit my day job.  I dont want to work for anyone but myself. Ive invested my own money into Genuine Gem. I lost money, made my money back, and earned more money.  Thats not my main focus though.  One day I wont be here anymore, but at least Ill be known for my work and many people will have a special piece I created for them.  I hope to collab with more artists in the near future with Genuine Gem, especially Brilliant Garcia. 

If you had to describe the rest of 2015 in three words what would they be?

Exactly what Nipsey Hussle would say, it all money in.

And to keep up 24/7, check out the social media below to see the hustle in action: